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              Bibiani stocks a variety of art materials, mainly for paper arts, but also for textile and polymer clay artists.

              The range of art materials will change with time.  


                                Papers and cardstock:      

                                           Silk, Yuzen, Kanji papers, Thai and Indian papers   

                                             Hand decorated marbled and paste papers

                                             Watercolour paper, calligraphy and sketching pads

                                             Tyvek, Parchmentine.  Jac paper A1

                                             cardstock for greeting cards.


                                     Book and box board 2.5mm and 3mm

                                            Bradawls, bookbinding needles (2 to a card), unwaxed Irish linen thread 2 count.  

                                            Beeswax,  book cloth, mull and endbanding

                                            Coloured waxed linen thread:

                                            2,4,7 and 12 ply coloured waxed bookbinding thread, as reels (2 and 4 ply only), and on cards

                                            of 10m.

                                            These are available to mail order .     (x denotes colour available)

    2ply 4ply 7ply 12ply     2ply 4ply 7ply 12ply
x x x   Light rose x  
  Natural x x x     Salmon x x    
  Robin Egg Blue   x       Fuchsia   x x  
  Denim   x x     Country Red x x x  
  Royal Blue x x x     Maroon x x x  
  Navy Blue   x x     Orange Crush   x    
  Teal x x x     Light Rust   x x  
  Turquoise x x x     Dark Rust x x x  
  Lavender x x x     Country Yellow   x    
  Plum x x x     Bright Autumn Yellow   x x  
  Sage x x x     Butterscotch x x x  
  Mint Green   x       Walnut Brown x x x  
  Dark Emerald Green x x x     Dark Chocolate   x    
  Dark Forest Green   x       Slate Grey x x x  
Olive Drab x x x   Charcoal Grey   x    


Victorian Rose x x Black x x x



                                    Nibs:       Speedball, Brause, Hiro and William Mitchell nibs

                                   Inks:       FW, Ecoline, Quink, Walnut and Higgins Eternal inks

                                           Pilot parallel pens and cartridges, nib holders,

                                           Gouache:     limited colours in Talens and Winsor & Newton gouache.

                                           Automatic pens, parallel pens and cartridges

                                           Gold leaf, imitation leaf, gold size



                           Textile art:  

                   Jacquard products: Procion dyes, Lumieres, Dyn-a-flow

                        Indigo kits, discharge paste, Adirondack and Jacquard alcohol inks.

                        Treasure gold, Tim Holz sprays and inks

                        'Transprint' transfer inks

                        Many products from other categories are fun for textile art


                                Polymer Clay:

                                    Sculpey Premo polymer clay, Sculpey accessories,

                                            molding mats and texture plates, Krafty Lady moulds, Mold Maker,

                                           ' Pearlex'

                                            Alcohol inks


                              Riso Screen Printing:

                                            Riso screen printing and Print Gocco are significantly easy printing techniques for

                                            paper, fabric, metal, ceramics, and plastic. While these have been discontinues, I still have stocks of inks, B6 screens and globes.

                                            Inks for paper, print Gocco screens, globes, 70 mesh screen always on the shelf

                                            Small amounts of inks for fabric available, larger amounts ordered.

                                            Other printing accessories: photo dot screens, cones, colour separating tape, etc usually available

                                            Kits, jigs,machines and supplies for ceramic and other forms of printing can be ordered.                           

                                            For information about this exciting screen printing technique, use this link:

                                            Then contact me to order.


                                     Rubber Stamps:

                                            Bibiani stocks a range of rubber stamps and stamping products - limited quantities at competitive prices



                              Paints and painting:

                                    David Jansen/Decoart 'Traditions' paints and mediums - highly pigmented and gorgeous colours

                                           Paintbrushes including 'Traditions' paintbrushes

                                            Water colour/drawing pads, art journals

                                            Cartridge paper of various weights.


                            Other Art Materials:

                                     Arttec pads - bond, Fineliner, Como and Bleedproof

                                            Paintbrushes, woodless pencils, Treasure Gold,

                                            Brush cleaner

                                     Stamp cleaner, embossing tools,

                                            Small lidded glass bottles, dropper bottles

                                            Gold leaf and imitation leaf.