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           About Bibiani

My name is Prue Quarmby, and  I began my art journey in 1989. I love the traditional techniques and skills of the artisan, and how to use them in a contemporary way. How they fit into the fabric of society in the past, present and future also fascinates me.

When I learned calligraphy I was encouraged to make patterns for cast bronze plaques as my father had done. I discovered old manuscripts and books, which led me to making and decorating papers, screen printing, then making journals, albums and boxes. The workshop skills required for pattern making led to the completion of a Diploma of Art Craft and Design (TAFE Tasmania) in 2001, in design in wood.

Aside from my main loves of paper, books, boxes and textiles, I love old buildings, and have found that I am able to interpret photographs and diagrams of heritage soft furnishing decoration (tassels, cords and fringing) well enough to recreate them. It is a privilege to be able to participate in the restoration of beautiful old buildings in this way.  

My work


 My journals, albums, boxes and jewellery are currently available from my studio.


 Bronze plaques and cast letters using my hand-made patterns in Hobart are on the Tasman Bridge, the Cenotaph War Memorial, Parliament House, the museum garden at the Army Barracks in Davey Street, the garden at All Saints Anglican Church in Macquarie Street, private homes and smaller memorials. I also made the patterns for the oak leaves in the memorial pool designed by Torquil Canning, at Port Arthur.


Commissions of reproduction passementerie (soft furnishing decoration) for the Port Arthur Authority include a bell pull and tassel, fringing and tassels for a lambrequin, fringing for window valances and fringing for table carpets.

 The Studio also carries art supplies for bookbinding, calligraphy and textile art. such as papers and cardstock, rubber stamps, ink pads, nibs and inks, Jacquard products such as Lumieres, Procion and Pearlex, RISO and Print Gocco supplies, and Traditions acrylic paints and brushes (see art materials page). I can also order supplies for customers.

Browse this site to find out more about the studio, and if you wish to purchase items for sale from the gallery, contact me: or by 'phone (see contacts page).